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Badgerland Tanks

ASME Code and Quality Testing
Every welder who helps manufacture a Badgerland Tank is certified to the ASME code. The factory also offers the most extensive inspection procedures in the industry, including gamma radiography, ultrasonic magnetic particle, die penetrant, hydrostatic and pneumatic testing to assure the highest-quality vessels available.

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Badgerland 80 to 200 Gallon Jacketed Tanks (ASME optional) 
Badgerland 175 to 5695 Gallon Bare* ASME Tanks
Badgerland 175 to 1040 Gallon Insulated & Jacketed* ASME Tanks
Badgerland 175 to 1040 Gallon with Coil(s)* ASME Tanks
Badgerland Hydraulic Separators
Badgerland Chilled Water Buffer Tanks

*Custom larger sizes available.  Please call for details.


Supporting Documentation
Glass Lining Specifications
Installation and Start Up Document
Insulation Specifications
Limited Tank Warranty
Bare Tank Specifications